5 Techniques To Get The Broken Key Out Of The Lock

5 Techniques To Get The Broken Key Out Of The LockDo you ever face the situation when your key was broken inside the lock while turning? If yes, you must know how tricky and difficult situation it is. Unfortunately, you have rare techniques to get rid of the problem which also make you frustrating in handling the problem.

Broken key can happen to anyone anytime, so one is always suggested to prevent such a horrible situation. In future, to get rid of this kind of problem you can use the following solutions:

  • Key Extractor Tool
    A key extractor is a specific tool for extracting the broken keys from the locks. Unfortunately, not everyone contains this tool. So, you can buy this and keep it to securing yourself from any situation.
  • Key Removal
    Hacksaw or Jigsaw Blades will work and help to remove the broken keys in no time. This will help to grab the point of the key in the same way as the hook on the extractor end work to remove the broken key.
  • Push Key Out From Lock Behind
    A lock with removal cylinder need only attempt to pull the key out by pushing from it’s back. Alternatively, you can use the bobby pin or paper clip from the other side of the lock to bring out the broken key.
  • Scissor Blade Hack
    Scissors are another ideal way to sort out the broken key issue. For this purpose scissor with thinner and smaller blades will be useful than others.
  • Drill The Lock
    The drill is the last option and dangerous too for broken key removal. This technique can damage the entire lock. So, you need to think twice before choosing this method.

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