New Lock Installation

Max Locksmith Reading provides complete key, lock and safe services to public and private sector organizations and residential customers in Reading, Berkshire. When you are in need of emergency locksmith service, don’t worry, you are in highly dependable and safe hands that care about your security requirements and your peace of mind. All our technicians have undergone fully professional training period and all are fully licensed and insured.

Locks are very important and the first line of defense of any residential and commercial property. Having worn & torn locks, old locks and locks in poor working condition can make it unsafe to live in your own premises. We believe in providing you a complete sense of security. Our professionals use required lock equipment and materials from the best security brands.

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When You Need A New Lock Installation or Replacement

  • Moving into a new house: This is the top most reason to replace your old locks with a new one. If you purchased a new house that was lived in by others, the previous owner may still have keys after moving out.
  • Lost or stolen keys: Have you lost your house or office keys? When you lose a set of keys, the first things you need to do is replace your locks. Don’t hope you will be able to recover them.
  • Old locks: Wear and tear can make your locks weak. Over the time you will find it may become difficult to lock and unlock your door locks using the keys.
  • Break in: Have you recently experienced a break in? When it happens to you, it is highly important to understand the importance of new locks.

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Lock Repair & Installation Services

At Max Locksmith Reading, we provide lock installation and repair services to all our residential and commercial customers. Whether you want to install high quality electronic locks or just traditional locks, we have a team of adept professionals to complete this task. We offer high quality, prompt, affordable and reliable services to our customers in Reading, Berkshire.

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Why Choose Us

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  • 24/7 rapid customer service
  • Licensed, bonded and insured professionals
  • Customer satisfaction guaranteed

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  • Free consultation regarding locksmith services
  • Professional re-key locksmith
  • Years of experience in all kinds of locks

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