Top Door Locks Providing High-End Security To Your Home

4 Benefits Of Hiring A Mobile LocksmithTake some time on research and install the best door lock that ensures high security of your residential area. A home contains several valuables, family members and your belongings which require protection. Before you spend your time in researching the high-class lock, here is a list of best door locks providing high-end security.

  • Deadbolt Locks
    The deadbolt locks are manufactured with the solid steel, brass, bronze and die-cast material. These are strong enough to keep you save. It works effectively to bolt the door into the frame. It is manually moved using the key or knob.
  • Cylinder Deadbolt Locks
    The vertical and double cylinder deadbolt locks are taken as the strongest locks. It requires a key to unlock the bolt from both sides of the door. It can’t be broken easily. It is operated using a key on both sides (inside and outside). This quality makes it different from the single deadbolt.
  • Cylinder Handle Set Locks
    This range of locks requires a key to lock and unlock the door from outside or move the button from inside. It includes both right and left-handed door with the SmartKey.
  • Mortise Locks
    Many residential doors have mortise locks installed for better security. It is mostly available in the rectangular shape which fits into the recess. It is operated by either side when outside knob is locked.
  • Keyless Door Locks
    Keeping the need of advanced security of home, keyless locks can perform better. It includes an anti-theft rolling code that is never used twice. There are some certain kinds of keyless door locks, which releases alarm on entering an incorrect code. Surely, some selective people will be allowed to enter in the home, who know the code.

These door locks are easily available at the reasonable cost in the market. Simply buy any of these and call Max Locksmith Reading 24/7 for instant installation. We specialize in lock installation, repair and replacement.